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Made from natural fibre, Creativa is loved for its distinctive soft and silky touch – it’s twisted for modern fashion as well as quick and easy projects to decorate your home or fashion outfits.

Available in 8 and 4 ply, Creativa is easy to handle, turning your project into an enjoyable, creative journey (creativity being the origin of its name!).

Creativa offers an outstanding vibrant colour palette enhanced each year by new shades drawn from the latest fashion trends.

Highly design driven, Creativa brings you outstanding new inspiration ideas every year for home decoration or fashionable outfits and accessories, styled and designed by renowned artists in the fashion world.

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All our threads are produced in accordance with Oeko-tex standards and all our colours dye lots adhere to Global fastness standards. However, it is important to follow our thread washing instructions.

Particularly with dark colours, excess dye can remain on the thread. To minimize any potential bleeding of excess dyestuff it is important to wash the products in THE HOTTEST TEMPERATURE possible and use a large amount of water. As a precaution, you can also use decolorating sheets that you can find in any supermarket.

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