Anchor Baby Pure Cotton

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Anchor Baby Pure Cotton is made from 100 % cotton, natural, combed and not mercerised. It is hypoallergenic and saliva resistant to be entirely safe for the new-born. Delicate and soft to the touch, Anchor Baby Pure Cotton is kind and gentle to babies sensitive skin, leaving them happy, calm and contented.

Anchor Baby Pure Cotton offers 29 specially selected, soft powdered or pastel shades from which to choose, for modern fashion as well as quick and easy projects to decorate baby’s room.

Anchor Baby Pure Cotton is manufactured in Europe using the latest technology and advanced methods of dyeing. In compliance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, it is free from banned azo dyes, as well as carcinogenic and allergenic dyes. Anchor Baby Pure Cotton is suitable to machine wash up to 60°C. If hand washing use lots of warm water.

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All our threads are produced in accordance with Oeko-tex standards and all our colours dye lots adhere to Global fastness standards. However, it is important to follow our thread washing instructions. Particularly with dark colors, excess dye can remain on the thread. To minimize any potential bleeding of excess dyestuff it is important to wash the products in THE HOTTEST TEMPERATURE possible, up to the tempera-ture recommended, and use a large amount of water. As a precaution, you can also use decolorating sheets that you can find in any supermarket.

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